Jedi started a new daycare today.

To most, this is insignificant. But to this foster momma, it’s huge. Let me explain…

Around a year ago, I knew it was time to start looking into daycares for him because I was taking him to work with me every day and since he was moving around more and requiring a lot more attention, it was really affecting the amount of work I was getting done. So the search began.

I found a fabulous daycare that had a spot open for him and I was thrilled. But at the back of my mind, I was completely freaked out. Not for the normal reasons, like “Will they take care of him?” or “Will they pick him up when he is crying?” or “Will he even take naps there?” Oh, no. Those questions didn’t really ever cross my mind much. The one and only question that ever crossed my mind was…

“What if I take him to daycare and sacrifice those 7 hours each day that I got to spend with him, and then something happens and he gets taken away from us?”

Every single day I dropped him off, I would cry as I drove out of the parking lot with that question running through my mind. I could never forgive myself if he was removed from our home and I missed out on all those moments I could’ve shared with him.

Like I said, not a normal worry that most parents have when it comes to daycare.

It got easier once parental rights were terminated, and even better when we were moved into the adoptions unit. Every day, I just kept praying, “Lord, I know you have brought us this far. This is in Your hands and under Your control.” Now, in only ONE WEEK, the adoption will be final. We see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, Jedi started at a new daycare today. And ya know what? I didn’t cry. Because I know at the end of each day from now on, I get to greet that boy and his contagious grin.