The story of bringing the Jedi* home for the first time. *Name has been changed, obviously.

We literally had four days to prepare for a newborn in our house.

There were moments where I would get so overloaded with thinking about everything that it would make me sick. I would have to stop everything I was doing in that moment and just sit down to process what was happening.

But through the help of MANY family members (my mom, my mother-in-law, my grandma, my brothers, my sisters-in-law, etc.), we managed to get everything we needed and get our house ready for a newborn. And finally, it was time to bring him home.


It was definitely an adjustment for Ryan and I (as it always is with anyone who brings home a newborn), but this difference with this newborn is that we were constantly being reminded that he wasn’t ours, yet. I will never forget the first phone call I got from the caseworker to set up visitation with the Jedi’s biological parents. I cried & cried. Thankfully my mom was still there to let me cry on her shoulder. Gosh, this is bringing back tears as I am writing about it! I didn’t want to have to share this baby, but knew that it was going to be part of the whole process. It did get much easier after that first visitation, and I will explain later on how God has helped me to love the Jedi’s bio mom.

I can’t believe that the Jedi is now almost SIX MONTHS OLD. I’m really not sure where the time went. Wish I would’ve started this blog a whole lot earlier because there has been a lot of things happen in those six months that I probably don’t even remember. But the most important part is that God is definitely working in our behalf! We would love to be able to adopt him! And hopefully we will have that prayer answered by the end of May. I continually have to remember that God is in control of the situation.

There have been SOOOO many ups and downs. The ups are getting to watch the Jedi grow–learn to smile, laugh, sit up, and many other milestones. But the downs have been the waiting, the not-knowing, and the worry that we could possibly lose him. It’s a rough road. But God is bringing us down it for a reason that is so far beyond us. I promise, if it were up to me, I would not have chosen to be a foster parent. But it’s a good thing that this isn’t about me!

Next blog post I will share about our newest addition, and how it has completely changed everything! 😉